Paperless Office

Forget the hype and the dispute about whether this is attainable or even desirable. Instead just imagine what your business would be like if you no longer had 90% of the paper you currently generate & receive.

  • You’d certainly benefit by doing so …
  • Improved Efficiency – all information is held in the client file for immediate access
  • Being Proactive rather than Reactive improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduced Storage Costs
  • Improved Control Procedures and Electronic Storage results in increased use of Email, less postage and reduced costs
  • Increased Security – reduced reliance on paper files that obviously aren’t “backed-up” and are a fire hazard
  • Your contribution to a Greener World
  • All resulting in Improved Profits

What is Rapport

Unlike other products that simply deal with document generation and document scanning Rapport tackles every aspect of Document Management . . .

Document Generation
Word documents, Excel spreadsheets

Document Scanning
We’ve yet to encounter a scanner that doesn’t work with Rapport. Scan to TIF, PDF, MDI

Application Generated
Save a copy of every document, e.g. Invoice, Accounts, Tax … as a PDF

Outgoing & Incoming. Use E-merge facility, (Email Mail Merge), and save £££’s compared to hard copy costs

Notes & Reminders
No need for Post-its

Diary & Events
Not simply a Diary but an Event Manager too and the unique Two-Way View means that you can see every appointment, note & reminder via the client file too

Relational database
Hold all clients personal data in one area allowing quick retrieval and interagation of it. Use the above as a Check List when comparing Rapport to other products costing up to 5 times as much.

What Size Firm Uses It?

Rapport is used in small, medium and large businesses throughout the UK. It enables staff to build a rapport with clients through the sharing and management of client information across the business.

Is It Really Easy To Use?

Yes. If you and your staff are used to working with Microsoft Word or Office, they will feel comfortable with Rapport from the start.

How Does It Save Money?

In several ways. Overall, it increases efficiency and businesses report major savings in administrative time. Rapport supports the administrative function so that if a member of the team is away, it provides an automatic letter writer. The system automatically saves the work away into the relevant client file so finding it at a later date presents no problem.

Rapport automates routine tasks such as bulk mailings. There is no need to mail merge letters – Rapport does it for you and cuts the time spent on producing end of year letters from weeks to days.

Savings are also reported in phone costs. Because Rapport provides comprehensive client information on screen instantly, partners feel confident enough to take a client call straight away and no longer have to return the call when the file is front of them.

In a Nutshell

  • Focuses on the client
  • Automatic letter writer (using Microsoft Word)
  • Notes and reminder feature allow notes to be typed up as a phone call is taken
  • Advanced search facility through fields or text
  • Comprehensive list of client correspondence on-screen instantly
  • Cross referencing between clients is easily achievable
  • Documents are stored automatically in client file in date order
  • Complete, secure audit trail for document authenticity
  • Automates complete mail merge routine, including E-mail merge
  • E-mails clients instantly by connecting to your email software
  • E-mails documents to clients simply by clicking one button
  • Document archiving and retrieval
  • Existing data sources may be used to import into Rapport
  • Additional client data may be used to produce powerful reports
  • Business Diary with unique two way view
  • Rapport data can be exported for usage in other software
  • Automatic updating link to Accord (Practice Net’s accounts production software)
  • QMS Tax and Digita Contact Manager
  • Favourite Client list can be stored
  • Favourite Item list also available
  • Optional Document Scanning module for a more complete correspondence file
  • Optional access to Diary Module via mobile Smartphone
  • Importing of spreadsheets into the client file