Reports to manage your practice

If yours is a smaller firm and you like using a PC then you won’t need a lot of reports – but they are available if you do.

Reports are useful to see the overall picture for the practice, partner, manager …… Indeed some are essential for you to manage your business effectively. These include:

  • W.I.P. & Debtors Lockup
  • Non-chargeable time analysis
  • Recovery rates by person
  • Billing profitability
  • Clients due for billing
  • Fees & Cash Budgets
  • Individuals performance analysis
  • And Graphs too. You can also simply export any report to Microsoft Excel.

Some systems provide some or all of this information but in a predetermined way – fine if you can change your procedures and structure to suit. But how much better if you can choose.

Panache includes up to 7 analysis heads of your own choosing - partner, manager, client type … you define and decide your report structure. You may opt for a non-chargeable report by time recorder and manager. W.I.P. report by job type, manager and partner and so on. It’s flexible and easy to use.