Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I account for VAT when my client pays. Will Panache deal with this?
A: Yes. You raise a "Payment Request" instead of a Tax Invoice. When you receive payment Panache will generate the tax invoice automatically and include it in the VAT control account and audit trail.

Q: I want most of my staff to post their time sheets themselves on a daily basis and the remainder to be posted by our secretary once a week. Will Panache cope?
A: Yes. Some practices post time daily and others weekly or a mixture of both. You can post time interactively or in "suspense" mode for authorisation prior to posting as WIP.

Q: I’d like all fee earners to be able to view client information in detail but not to be able to change information or print reports for the practice.
A: You define "user permissions" that describe exactly what each user can or cannot do. So some people can update whilst others can only view. You can define the information that an individual can access whether on screen or in report form.

Q: I need to monitor Employee Performance will Panache help me with this?
A: Yes. You can monitor their chargeable/non-chargeable time, their Fee Recovery, their Absence record. You can also allocate budgets for Fees & Cash too. Analysis of time by job/work type is another real time saver.

Q: I’m aiming for The Paperless Office and intend emailing invoices to my clients. Will Panache enable me to do this?
A: Panache integrates with Rapport – the Customer Database & Document Management system. This has features too numerous to list here but it does include emailing documents such as fee requests/invoices to your clients.

Q: I’m keen on using MS Excel for data analysis. Does Panache integrate with it?
A: Any report you produce via Panache can be imported into Excel with one click. The data used to produce Panache graphs too can similarly be imported into Excel.