Input Programs

Data Entry of any kind is a cost to your business. It may be important – vital even to generating profits but it’s still a cost. So it needs to be quick, easy to use and very effective. Panache addresses these issues.

Time Posting

You can choose from two methods …

  • Direct Entry
    Time entered is posted directly to your Time Ledger and becomes W.I.P.

  • Offline Mode
    Your time recorders maintain their own “time sheet” on your network server and on a scheduled basis that you decide the time entries are posted and become W.I.P. This could be daily, weekly …
    This enables you to implement a control procedure prior to posting to the Time Ledger.

  • Time may be conveniently posted in units, one, six or fifteen.

Ledger Posting

With Panache, your Time & Fees Ledgers are fully integrated and share the same database. So naturally the data entry routines are accessed via the same “Action” menu.

A full range of Sales/Fees Ledger data entry routines are available to meet your specific needs. They are interactive for accuracy of entry and generate a complete audit trail.


Panache caters for VAT on both a continuous cash basis as well as conventional VAT.

To help “proceduralise” the Billing process Panache may be asked to produce Billing Guides, these GIFs (Generated Input Forms) detail time on file and lead the fee earner through the account / under or over recovery may be accounted for here.

Billing may take the form of a “Back” or “Front” Office function, where Fee notes are generated at the point of input of bills -or at another time.