Time Entry

Knowing the up to date position on "lockup" each day is only possible if everyone posts their own time sheets daily. Many practices are still entering time sheets on a weekly basis as an administrative function – often re-keying a time sheet from an Excel spreadsheet. So not only are they risking posting errors but their staff are doing the job twice. You can do this if you wish but you will be missing a golden opportunity if you do.

Because Panache is interactive time entry is very accurate. You can see the name of the client and job description as you make a posting and a running total of time booked each day ensures that everyone books at least their standard hours.

The possible 250 characters of narrative means a time recorder can describe each activity in as much detail as necessary. This helps you when monitoring the progress on a job and importantly helps you to justify a higher fee when you’ve undertaken extra work for the client.

Minimising non-chargeable time is essential to maximising your W.I.P. and by monitoring on a daily basis you can take immediate action. This may mean re-allocating staff but the job planner will help you here too.