Never Forget an Appointment or Get Double Booked

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Automatic Reminders at the right time means you’re proactive and stay ahead. Productivity improves and deadlines are met. The good news is that this can be easy. The right solution can increase your productivity and the overall profitability of your business. So what is it and how do you use it to control people & events? The Rapport Diary from Practice Net was designed to help you to Manage Your Business Effectively.

Which of the following do you relate to?

Make appointments with confidence whilst talking with a customer
You can see at a glance who’s booked at a particular date & time and who’s available. And if a meeting involves more than one person you can schedule everyone in the certainty that your Rapport Diary is up to date. The software diary even prompts you with a choice of next available time slots in the event of conflicts.

Schedule Meetings in Seconds & Save Time
Whether you choose the single user or networked version you can include everyone within your business in the Diary. Individuals can make their own appointments or these can be made for them. When you schedule a meeting you can choose to send a message to every participant. If they’re in the office they’ll see it immediately and if not they’ll see it when they next login. You can schedule Resources too like a meeting room, projector …

Avoid overlooking those “Repeat Events”
If your business is in the Service Sector you’ll have lots of Repeat Events such as maintenance schedules. Typically weekly, monthly, quarterly … I’ve even encountered events that are repeated each working day! And it’s all too easy to overlook these future events. With the Rapport Diary it’s as easy to setup a Repeat Event as a one-off event. You can request a Reminder or Alarm and specify how long in advance you need to be reminded – you can even repeat the reminder. The result is that overlooked repeat events simply don’t occur.

“Some Staff Are Over-scheduled Whilst Others Are Under Employed”
It’s all too easy to flog someone to death, (perhaps it’s you), whilst others get an easy ride. And although flicking through the pages of a diary, (or electronic version), can give you an idea you don’t get the whole story. However if you could simply get a report that shows you events by person for a specified period there simply is no room for doubt. Using the Rapport Diary you can specify the report you want in seconds. It may take you a few minutes the first time you use this feature and then I really do mean seconds.

“Unless I’m Reminded Frequently I Simply Forget Appointments”
I can relate to this. I’ve forgotten quite a few in the past but not any longer. When you schedule an appointment in the Rapport Diary you schedule your reminders too. Typically you might set a Reminder a day in advance and an Alarm an hour before the meeting – you decide. You’ll be reminded automatically. And if you still forget you must be doing it on purpose!

“I Know We Made an Appointment with the Client But I Can’t Remember When Or With Who”
The Rapport Diary has a unique Two-way View. Other diaries are people related – it’s easy to see events scheduled for a particular person. The Rapport Diary is too and it’s also customer related. And that’s the secret. To view events for a particular customer simply select the customer record to view future & past events. You get a complete history.

“I Want Everyone to Make Their Own Appointments but Must Remain In Control”
You decide who has access to the Rapport Diary and what they can & can’t do. Some people may be able to view the diary but not update it. Others may be able to make appointments for colleagues and even for whole departments to arrange meetings. They’re your rules – you decide.

“When I Look Around My Office I See Clutter from Post-it Notes & Messages”
The Rapport Diary has an in-built Messaging System, (you can use Email if you like too), that’s ideal for internal communications. And because it’s electronic there’s no paper – so you contribute to a Greener World too. It’s got Memos too for customer related stuff – useful for credit controllers for example. These pop-up whenever the customer record is viewed.

“I Need To Keep Records of Holidays, Sickness …”
Absences through holidays, sickness and so on are entered just like other events. Importantly, you can choose to analyse them at any time using the easy to use reporting System. You choose the period to report and the people to be included, possibly a department and tune it to suit. You can even convert it to an Excel Spreadsheet if you prefer this format.

The Rapport Diary Software is installed in hundreds of businesses of varying types and sizes. Varying from single user PC’s to large networks with many users. I’ve listed a few types of business that currently use it …

● Accountants● Automotive Garages● Construction Engineers
● Heating Engineers● Interior Designers● Manufacturers
● Plumbers● Property Management● Schools
● Wedding Planners 

To summarise the things you can do with the Rapport Diary that are important to you …

  • Make appointments on behalf of others. This could be for one or more people or even a Group such as managers, directors, marketing …
  • Send messages inviting people to a meeting ensuring they’re available without even using Email
  • Set an Alarm to remind you & others some time prior to a meeting, visit … So you avoid being late or even forgetting altogether
  • Set up Repeat Events such as a weekly management meeting
  • Email a client to confirm a meeting directly you enter details in the Diary
  • View just your own appointments, those for another person or group. Particularly useful if there are many entries in the Diary
  • Make private entries for your eyes only – typically for birth days, anniversaries …
  • Analyse the Diary and produce reports on holidays, sickness, staff training
  • Make Client Memos that pop up whenever you view the client’s folder. Useful if the client’s on credit stop or simply as a reminder
  • Client related entries can be viewed from the Diary or from the Client’s folder. So you get a Two-Way View. You select whichever suits you at the time.

Network Diary
Some businesses have the standalone version but most have the networked version. So as soon as a diary entry is made all authorised users can see it. And importantly – your diary will always be up to date. Compare this to a paper diary or diaries only visible to the “owners” and if the owner is out of the office …

Arranging a meeting between several people is simply a matter of looking in the diary for a date free for all and making the entry. Every participant automatically receives an electronic notification so there’s no excuse for “not knowing” and double bookings simply don’t occur. When making an appointment with a client you can now book and confirm it immediately – even if the appointment is on behalf of someone else. You can set up a reminder/alarm prior to the meeting – you decide the date & time – so there’s no excuse to forget!

Client & Personnel Centric
Most diaries are people related - you can see at any time the appointments that Jane or Fred has/had - they’re people centric. This network diary is too and it’s also client centric. So you can look at your diary from the client perspective and see all future & past events, (meetings, visits, notes, memos & reminders), for any client you choose.

And remember, this information is available to all authorised users – invaluable when speaking with a client on the phone or when preparing for a meeting. Information at your fingertips - when you really need it.

There’ll be occasions when you’ll need to analyse the information in your Network Diary without needing programming skills. So we’ve included an easy to use reporting tool. Extracting a list of holidays taken, absences through illness, appointments out of the office by individuals or groups are just a few examples of reports you can produce. And you’ve also the option of viewing your report as an Excel spreadsheet.

Get Up & Running Fast
You can start by importing your existing customer/prospect database. If you can export your data to Excel you can set up your network diary in a matter of minutes. Then all you need to do is enter details of your directors/partners, managers & staff and start making appointments. It really couldn’t be any easier.

Using this new network diary really will save your business time & money. You’ll be more proactive too and benefit in more ways than you imagined. So take the decision now and take advantage of our special offer to you …