Online Backup

Backup Your Data – Securely - With This Online Data Backup Service

Your computer files are the life-blood of your business – without them your business couldn’t function. Computers can and do go wrong - when they do it’s usually at the most inconvenient time. Remember that in the event of a computer failure, ( and the need to restore your data), you are totally dependent on your data backup. Time is money so you need to be up & running fast.

  • Ask yourself a few questions ….
  • When did you last make a secure backup of your data?
  • Are you sure you’re backing up everything?
  • Is your data backup stored safely off your premises in case of fire or theft?
  • When did you last try & restore information from your backup media and was it totally successful?

To address these issues Practice Net provides an important service – On Line Data Backup Via The Internet. The main features are …

  • Practice Net Support installs the software on a PC in your office and explains how the Online Secure Backup Service operates
  • Your data is backed up securely every working day, (at night actually), in accordance with the defined schedule
  • Your data is encrypted during transfer using 256 bit SSL and stored in a password protected encrypted state
  • In addition to the daily copies Practice Net also retains three weekly and one monthly copy of your data. Whilst this is usually sufficient for most businesses you can also request us to hold more copies, (it costs a little more).

If you need to restore your data, you can do so yourself or you can ask Practice Net staff to assist via the Internet Remote Access Service.

Practice Net’s secure servers are themselves backed up and the backup media taken off-site for storage.

Your data backup is encrypted with your own password. Without the password the data cannot be decrypted so is totally secure during transfer over the Internet and whilst residing on our servers and off line storage media. You can choose whether or not to notify Practice Net of your password.

Once the backup software is installed on a PC in your office scheduled daily data backups are made automatically via the Internet to our secure servers at our Data Centre.

The first data backup will make a copy of the whole of your data; thereafter only changes to the information will be backed up. So speeding up the overnight backup process.

You can choose to replace your existing back up procedures with the Practice Net Online Service or adopt it for an extra level of security.