Rapport Event Logging

Let’s be up front and define what we mean by Event Logging …

  • It means a Job, a Task, an Activity, a Matter, an Appointment, a Meeting …
  • It includes the Tracking of Events
  • The Scheduling of Events
  • Automatic Reminders so you don’t forget to attend a Meeting or visit a client
  • To do Lists
  • Exception Reporting so you can be Proactive
  • Diarising Activities by Personnel & Clients – so you get a two way view
  • Emailing clients as you make an Appointment in the Diary

Above all You decide the Events that are important to your business and that you need to track. There are a great number of systems for tracking events. You may have already tried a few. Some use Excel and whilst this is an excellent spreadsheet & reporting tool it’s not the answer. In our experience these solutions simply don’t work unless they are based upon your Customer/Client/Patient Database. And to work effectively for your business this needs to include several components …

  • A Relational Database – So you can link Customers, People & Events
  • A Document Management System – So you can access everything you need from one client folder. With Mail Merge, Email Control, Document Scanning, Voice Recording …
  • A Personnel & Client centric Diary – Enabling you to enter events linked to staff & customers with dates & times
  • Auto-reminders & Alarms – So you need never forget any event.
  • A Contact Management System – In-built CRM with all the features you expect
  • A Marketing Orientated Database – Designed to track your Direct Response Marketing. So you know the profitability of any campaign, the cost of a new customer acquisition and your Average Customer Life Time Value
  • Easy to Use Reporting Tool – Designed for End Users and not computer programmers

With all these components together in one low cost package you can effectively tailor your own unique Event Logging System that meets your precise requirements. And you get many, many other benefits as well.