Document Admissibility

If you ever need to rely on an electronic copy of a document rather than the paper original it’s not enough just to have a copy of it on your hard disk. You’ll need to be able to prove its authenticity.

You’ll need to be able to show …

  • Who created it
  • Who amended it
  • Who approved it
  • Who printed it
  • Who emailed it
  • Who copied it

And for some documents ...

  • Who converted it to a PDF
  • And even who read it

And critically – with the Date/Time of each action.

Many Document Management systems lack the Essential Component to enable you to prove authenticity. Does yours?

You’re unlikely to purchase a system just because of this – because unless it contributes heavily to your bottom line it wouldn’t make sense to do so. But ensure that any system you do select does meet this essential requirement.

Rapport from Practice Net is used by hundreds of businesses throughout the UK and increasing their profitability by the day. It’s also the Safe System.

At the heart of Rapport’s Document Database is an in-built Audit Trail. Everything you do to a document is recorded – for ever! And each action carries a Date/Time Stamp.

So if you’re ever called upon to prove the provenance of any document with Rapport you can do just that.

To remind you about Rapport and what it includes …

  • A Relational Database – so any item of data needs to be entered only once.
  • A Document Management System – any type of document – including, Word, Excel, Scanned TIF/PDF, Email, Voice …
  • An Email Control System – Firm Control over outgoing & incoming Email.
  • An Office Wide Diary
  • Job Tracking & Event Logging
  • A Customer/Prospect Database & CRM System